WATCH: Nine learners suspended after ‘street fight’

WATCH: Nine learners suspended after ‘street fight’
A school in Limpopo has suspended nine learners after a fight broke out outside its grounds between learners brandishing what appeared to be pangas.

Provincial education department spokesperson Sam Makondo said they are investigating the incident‚ which happened on Friday outside Tlakale Mashashane Secondary School‚ about 30km west of Polokwane.

He could not confirm if the learners used pangas.

“We don’t know. [It’s] not easy to tell from the video.”

In the video‚ a group of learners in school uniform are scattered across a dirt field. There is a loud metal thud when one learner strikes the ground with what appears to be a panga. In the video you see other learners holding what also appear to be pangas. The next moment learners started screaming and shouting as they run off. It is unclear from the video if they are fleeing from or in pursuit of others.

Makondo said: “The school learnt through community members that some learners‚ who were still in school uniform after school‚ were involved in a street fight outside school premises.”

The department condemned the “barbaric incident‚ which undermines human values and dignity”.

“We view this in a very serious light and condemn any form of violence both inside and outside the school. This unfortunate incident is completely unacceptable in our communities and our schools and that’s why we prohibit the carrying of dangerous weapons in schools‚” Makondo said.

School principal Edwin Rammutla referred all enquiries to the provincial education department.

Makondo said one learner was injured and it was unclear what led to the fight.

“That’s something that will emerge from investigations and the hearings.”

WATCH: Nine learners suspended after ‘street fight’
WATCH: Nine learners suspended after ‘street fight’