IDIBALA fans fainted on December 31.

THERE’S no doubt that King Monada’s song, Malwedhe, was one of the most popular songs in Mzansi leading up to the festive season.

It was even enjoyed by people in other African countries and even overseas.

Many Limpopeans expected the song to be played as a cross-over song on December 31, on the province’s biggest Radio station.

But that was not the case.

Now the Limpopo based SABC Radio station, Thobela FM, has angered its listeners.

They took to the station’s Facebook page to complain about the station’s Song of the Year.

The station played Master KG’s song, Skeleton Move, as a crossover song.

But listeners are convinced that there was corruption.

According to them, King Monada was their choice and the votes must have been manipulated.

Listeners say Thobela FM’s Alpheus DJ Boleli Mailula must explain why he tweeted: “You can’t disappoint DJ Boleli and win…Big Up to Master KG – Skeleton Move… Song Of the Year.”

Listeners believe he was referring to King Monada and are calling for his suspension and investigation.

Thobela FM has not responded to the comments regarding the issue.

In a post that attracted close to 1000 comments, listeners have called the station corrupt.

Going through the comments on Twitter and Facebook, It also appears that some DJs and producers at Thobela Fm have a beef with King Monada and his manager.

Some claim to have never even heard of the chosen song of the year before.

Song of the year is voted in by the station’s audience.