Police shoot and kill Soweto ‘guard killers’ in KwaZulu-Natal

Police shoot and kill Soweto ‘guard killers’ in KwaZulu-Natal

Johannesburg – Police have shot and killed two men who were wanted for the robberies and murders of two security guards in Soweto.

The men were killed in the early hours of Monday in KwaZulu-Natal.

The two men are believed to have been the suspects caught on a dash-cam killing two security guards in Soweto two weeks ago.

Eric Ngobese, 38 and Boykie Moyo, attached to 24/7 Security Services, were shot in their work vehicle near Maponya Mall.

A 30-second video clip showed the security guards being ambushed and fatally shot while sitting in their work car and two men running off after taking a pistol from one of the guards. The video which went viral sparked widespread condemnation.

Police then launched a manhunt for the pair. Investigators are alleged to have gone to the families of the two suspects in Nkandla, in KZN, looking for them.

They were not at their homes and their parents allegedly did not assist the police regarding their whereabouts.

Police then went to Clermont where they found two suspects aged 24 and 26 in a shack.

A source said one of the suspects pulled out a firearm trying to shoot the police. One of the officers pulled out his own firearm and shot dead both the suspects.

Allegations are that the gun that the suspect had tried to shoot the police with was a .38 special revolver whose serial number had been filed off.

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo confirmed the shooting on Tuesday morning.

“Members from the Gauteng Organised Crime Unit, acting on intelligence and supported by various other police units, were led to a shack in the Clermont area, West of Durban.

“When police tried to arrest the two suspects, Lindokuhle Cebekhulu, 24, and Mbuyiselo Mthonti, 26, they resisted which resulted in both suspects being shot dead. There are no reports of any police officers being injured at this stage,” Naidoo said.

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