ON WEDNESDAY, when Bongani found the chicken in the yard, he didn’t take the matter lightly.

He even asked an armed cousin to go with him as protection when he went to work . . .


Other family members were dead!

When Bongani Biyela (48) woke up on Wednesday morning, he found a chicken on his doorstep. Its wing and foot had been cut off. A small distance away was a red and black cross.

He called neighbours and cops. He took the chicken to a dumpsite. But two days later he was dead.

He was shot on Friday on his way to work. He was not the only one who was killed. His armed cousin Siyabonga Xulu (40), who escorted him to work, was also shot. The two men died at the scene in Angelo, in Boksburg in Ekurhuleni.

On Saturday killers hunted down and shot and killed Nkululeko Gumede (30), another relative.

On Friday, when Daily Sun visited the area, scared residents of Gumede squatter camp near Delmore Gardens in Boksburg, where Bongani lived, said they were wondering who’s next.

The family now believe the chicken was a curse. Bongani’s grieving wife Ntombi (45) said at first they didn’t know what it meant.

“But Bongani was shocked and called his neighbours to witness what he was seeing,” she said.

“Reiger Park cops were also called and they took photos of the cross and the chicken.”

She said she was called while at work and rushed to Angelo, where she found her dead husband. This was not the first attempt on his life.

“He went to open a case of intimidation and a suspect was arrested but later released.”

Constable Nathi Mokwana said they suspected residents were fighting over land.

“A man named Gumede claims the land is his. He was thrown out by the community. He wanted to be seen as a tribal chief.

“Residents appointed Biyela and others as their new leaders and Gumede was not unhappy about that.

“He formed his own group and a man called Tshabalala was appointed as his helper.

“Gumede’s group terrorised the community and targeted the leaders appointed by the community.”

Mokwana said last month there were attempts on Biyela’s life and he went to police for help.

“Police went to the shack where the thugs were staying and they started shooting at the cops and there was exchange of gun fire and a chopper had to be called.”

The thugs disappeared and have still not been found.

Mokwana said the police called a number of meetings to try and work out the issues and seemed to agree.

“We thought it was all over until Biyela and two other people were killed over the weekend.

Mokwana confirmed they found the black chicken and the cross on Wednesday at Biyela’s place.

Three cases of murder have been opened and are being investigated by the police.